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Mobile and always within reach: Smartphones and tablets are today's modern workplace. Important business e-mails and documents are sent while on the move, contacts and appointments are managed on them, and special apps serve as location-independent work tools. But what happens when your employee's device stops working? Who will take care of a quick replacement or professional repair? And who will ensure the security of all sensitive data on the device?

The structure makes the difference

The optimal management of your mobile company devices is our primary goal. Structured and solution-oriented, we support your company in ensuring that your employees have reliable work tools at their fingertips at all time - and at the best conditions.

To achieve this goal, we work with you to define the most important requirements for your business areas, review existing processes and support you in optimising them. For instance, in the replacement of a mobile device, in repairs or in supporting your employees in the event of malfunctions.

Individual solutions for device failure

Every company knows how difficult it is to work without a running computer. But if the mobile phone or tablet fails, nothing works at all. To ensure that work can continue quickly, we recommend that companies divide their employees into groups according to their “mobile dependency”. In the case of field staff, for example, the urgency for a functioning mobile device is higher than in the case of office staff, where employees can access the PC.

Depending upon the group affiliation, we offer different solutions that are tailored to the needs of your company. Whether for quick repairs, the provision of loan devices, immediately usable replacement devices or the provision of a company pool within your company or on our premises.

Used devices - an option for you?

Do you know any employee who expects a brand-new PC or laptop from their company? Neither do we. In fact, we believe that this attitude has now also become established for smartphones and tablets. Not least because devices hardly differ any more over two or three generations. In addition, the use of second-hand devices significantly reduces business costs. And it also protects our environment. However, it is a prerequisite that a used device is thoroughly checked before it is used again and, if necessary, repaired with original parts from the manufacturer. Our certified technicians take care of the professional repair. Two types of reconditioning are possible. In the cost-effective version, all functions are checked and repaired. Possible traces of use remain. With the second type of reconditioning, refurbishment, the display or the housing are also replaced. Traces of use become invisible and the device is as good as new.

However, the most important point when reusing devices remains the 100% deletion of all existing data. Thanks to special deletion software that overwrites the data memory several times, we guarantee uncompromising data security. Whether «small» or «big» general overhaul: For both types of reconditioning, we grant a 12-month guarantee - to the same extent as the manufacturer's guarantee.

Trustworthy and neutral advice

The demands placed on mobile devices vary from company to company. No matter whether you are interested in a new device, want to learn more about the advantages of used devices, sell old devices or want to dispose of them safely. We are happy to advise you: neutrally, committed and personally. Together, we will find the right solution.

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Great service! Evaluate your mobile phone quickly, send it in conveniently and you'll quickly be paid a fair price. So what more could you want?

Martin Strobel

The mobile phone looks like new, although it should actually have signs of use. But you have to look for them with a magnifying glass, if at all. We are more than satisfied and will certainly buy a mobile phone here again. Very friendly and good service, thank you very much!

Brigitte Sieber