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Sell us your mobile device, comfortably from home, of course without any shipping costs for you!


Your dates are in safe hands by us. Your data memory will be professionally deleted by certified software and overwritten several times - without exception and without additional costs!

Your contribution to enviroment
Your contribution to enviroment

What can you do?

Free picking up
Free picking up

Let your parcel picked up from home!

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

There and back everything free of charge.

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Great service! Evaluate your mobile phone quickly, send it in conveniently and you'll quickly be paid a fair price. So what more could you want?

Martin Strobel

I was very satisfied with my first experience at A flawless service. Friendly and without waiting times. Highly recommended!

Sanchimm S

Once again I used the services of "". The sale of my device was completed without any problems and the agreed amount was transferred by return of post. Thank you to the "" team.

Helmut Marschall

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Online purchase of mobile devices: Mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, MacBooks and notebooks is the uncomplicated Swiss purchase platform for mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, notebooks, media players and headphones. With us, you can sell your used device and help conserve resources at the same time. We buy most models from the following brands: Apple, Samsung, Catepillar, Google, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oppo, Sony and Xiaomi. If you can't find a model, just contact us!

Data wiping is always included with us and free of charge!

Data protection is our top priority, because your personal data is your business. It is obvious that we will delete the data on your old device - reliably and completely. This service is included and free of charge for you. We only use high-quality, professional software to delete your data. The devices are reset and the data memory is overwritten several times. This makes any misuse impossible. If desired, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail afterwards. No device will leave our premises until the old customer data has been completely deleted. If data deletion is not possible, there is only one thing left to do: off to the shredder at Immark AG, the market leader in the recycling of electronic waste in Switzerland.
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