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Buying mobile phones and other electronic devices, such as tablets and laptops, is easy and you receive money within a few days. There's no more excuse to let your smartphone gather dust in a drawer. Sustainable living made easy.

With our simple price calculator, you'll know quickly and easily how much money you'll get for your no longer needed device:


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Sell your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Macbook

Sell your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Sell your Microsoft Surface Go, Pro, Book or Surface Laptop

Sell your Fairphone 4, 3 or 2



Purchase Weekly Deals

CHF 30 more on iPhone 11-13

50 CHF bonus
 on Macbook with M processor

10% more when you upgrade your Galaxy smartphone.
Code: GalaxyUpgrade




Selling a mobile phone - it's that easy


1. Determine price

With our price calculator, you can quickly and easily find out how much you can get for your device. Answer all the questions and at the end you will receive a purchase price. If you need help with the evaluation, you will find descriptions of the conditions on this website.


If you are satisfied with the offer, complete the purchase. If you wish, Swiss Post will collect your parcel from your home free of charge.

3. Reset unit

In the meantime, make sure the device has been deleted from your Google or Apple account and reset it. Without this removal, your device cannot be verified. Without this unlocking, it will take longer for you to receive the payout. You can find detailed instructions on the Unlock Devices website.

4. pack and ship the device

Pack the device and send it to us or leave it ready for Swiss Post employees if you have opted for pick@home.

5. verification and data deletion

Once we receive your device, we will perform a professional data wipe/overwrite and check your device.

6a. Payout

If we see the same condition of your device as you do, you will immediately receive payment to your specified account..

6b. Counter offer / free return shipment

If there are differences between your evaluation and ours, we will make you a counteroffer that you can accept. If you do not like our new offer, we will send your device back to you free of charge.




  • Immediate payout after check
  • Better for the wallet and the environment
  • Professional data erasure incl.
  • Simple, safe and fast
  • Free shipping


Your dates are in safe hands by us. Your data memory will be professionally deleted by certified software and overwritten several times - without exception and without additional costs!

Free picking up
Free picking up

Let your parcel picked up from home!

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

There and back everything free of charge.



What our customers say

Great service! Evaluate your mobile phone quickly, send it in conveniently and you'll quickly be paid a fair price. So what more could you want?

Martin Strobel

I was very satisfied with my first experience at A flawless service. Friendly and without waiting times. Highly recommended!

Sanchimm S

Once again I used the services of "". The sale of my device was completed without any problems and the agreed amount was transferred by return of post. Thank you to the "" team.

Helmut Marschall

Good to Know


Which is why it is doubly good to sell your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.


In a nutshell: together you save the environment and secondly you save money for your wallet.

With, you can make a contribution to conserving valuable resources instead of simply throwing away electronic devices or letting them gather dust in a drawer. As a result, fewer new devices need to be produced and you give a smartphone a second life.
In addition to the sustainable aspect, you get a good sack money and can treat yourself to something different.