Do you have a question for us? Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about ordering, payment, processes and shipping, among other things. If any of your questions is not answered here, you can contact our customer service, who will be happy to help you.

What is is the easy to use purchase platform for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, smart watches, media players and headphones. With us, you can sell your devices quickly and easily. The purchased devices are professionally checked, cleaned and resold in our shop.

What are the benefits?
With us, you can sell your device quickly and easily at a fixed price. You don't have to register, pay postage or contact a buyer. The money for your equipment is transferred directly to your account.

How do I determine the value of my devices?
You select your device using the search function, enter the necessary information about the condition and immediately receive a price proposal. If you accept the suggestion, you can also add more items to your shopping cart.

How are the purchase prices calculated?
The purchase prices are based on the current market value. This depends upon the price development of the new device, its condition and upon supply and demand. The purchase prices are calculated on a daily basis from these values.

What conditions do we impose when we display the purchase value?
- Apple ID and other manufacturer locks have been removed
- The device is not bent
- There is no moisture damage
- It is not connected to foreign SIM cards or networks
- The device has not been modified (jailbreak, etc.)
- The battery has sufficient capacity

If these conditions are not met, an individual offer will be made.

How is the condition to be assessed?
Like new

No or only minimal, barely visible signs of use, which are not noticeable at 0.5 m distance.

Very good
Few, slight signs of use (max. 3)

Many light signs of use or few obvious signs of use (max. 3).

Display - Many clear signs of use, but not very long.
Case - Many obvious signs of use / bumps or very slight discolouration / dents. The waterproofness is guaranteed.

Heavily used
Display - Many clear signs of use or a very small crack, which does not affect the functionality. Water resistance can no longer be guaranteed here.
Case - Very many clear signs of use / bumps, severe discolouration or severe dents. Water tightness is guaranteed.

Cracks & breaks
Display - Clear crack and the functionality of the affected part may be limited.
Case - Clear cracks and water tightness is no longer guaranteed.

How can I remove the Apple ID or other manufacturer locks?
The instructions are given here.

Who pays the postage?
We bear the cost of your shipping. You will receive the franking by email, which you only need to print out and affix on your parcel. This way, you can label and frank your device comfortably at home

What do I have to keep in mind when shipping?
After you have completed the sale, you will receive a delivery note and franking by e-mail. The delivery note contains important information for our staff. Print it out and affix it on the top of your parcel..

What if I am not able to print?
You can also send in the device yourself by post. Our address is given under Contact Us. Important: In this case, be sure to enclose a note with the order number or your contact details. Please also note that postage will be charged to you in this way.

What happens during inspection of the devices?
All devices are reset with a special programme before the inspection and all personal data is irrevocably deleted. Any armoured glass must be removed and will not be replaced. Our inspection team then checks all functions and the condition of the device, regardless of your rating on If the assessment of the inspection team matches yours, the amount will be transferred immediately to your account or paid out in cash. If we assess the device differently, we will make you a new offer. If this does not meet your expectations, we will send your device back to you free of charge. The more accurate your condition information is, the faster we can pay you your money.

How do I get my money?
If the inspection of the device confirms your condition information or if you have accepted the price proposal, we will usually transfer your credit to you within 48 hours or pay it out in cash on the spot. What happens to the purchased devices? The purchased devices are inspected, refurbished and then resold. If the device can no longer be sold, it is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

What happens to the data on my devices?
Your device is reset and the memory is overwritten several times. This process takes around 15 minutes, and we use certified delete stations and it is free of charge.

Which devices can I sell to you?
You can sell us all devices that have a certain market share in Switzerland. The product range is constantly adapted due to product launches and the general market development. If you have any suggestions as to which devices we should purchase, we look forward to hearing from you.

How do I cancel the sale?
As long as you have not yet shipped your device, you can always contact our customer service and cancel the sale.

How do I protect the environment with my sale?
Resale is even more ecological than recycling. Most resources are consumed in the manufacturing process and recycling is very costly. We refurbish purchased devices and resell them. This way you save valuable resources with your sale and do something for the environment. 

I am a business customer. Can I also use your offer?
Yes. If you are a business customer and would like to sell a larger quantity, please send us an email and we will contact you.
How do I apply for a repair?
You can easily enter a repair order on To do this, search for your model and select the repair you need. If you agree with the price quote, you will receive our prepaid delivery note by e-mail. All you have to do is attach this to your package..

How long does a repair take?
Normally, a repair takes 2-3 working days, unless otherwise noted on the website. If there are any delays, you will be informed immediately.

How can I pay for the repair?
You pay the repair bill in advance. You can pay the amount conveniently by credit card, Twint, postal card or e-banking.

What do I need to send in for a repair?
To repair your device, we only need the device and its battery. We request you not to send along any chargers, cables, SIM/SD cards, watch straps or packaging. We do not accept any liability for losses. Please remove the lock code from your device beforehand.

Why do I need to remove my lock code?
The lock code must be removed so that all functions of your device can be checked. This way, we can ensure that everything works perfectly after the repair.

Will my data be lost during a repair?
Devices that are sent to the Apple repair centre must always be deleted.  However, it can happen that the device must be reset and all your data gets deleted. Therefore, be sure to make a back-up beforehand.

What happens if the repair costs more or less?
We will get in touch with you immediately, if the repair costs more or less than expected. The additional costs will only be charged with your consent. If the repair costs less, the excess amount will be refunded.

Why don’t you repair any damages caused by moisture?
It is almost impossible to sustainably repair a device with moisture damage. Oxidation can cause a short circuit at any time, which means that no guarantee can be given.

What happens if my device is not showing in the selection?
Our offer includes the latest models from certain manufacturers. If you wish to get a different model repaired, please contact us on phone at 041 525 85 85 or via e-mail at and we will take care of your concerns.

What happens if the repair cannot be done?
Call us at our number 041 525 85 84 and we will be happy to help you. In case of doubt, you can also select the repair you suspect and send us the device with an appropriate note. We will contact you after checking your order.

What happens if the repair cannot be done?
If a repair cannot be carried out at all for any reason, we will only charge you an inspection flat rate of CHF 39.00.
Where do the devices come from that are sold here?
These are used and new devices that we have acquired through our purchase service primarily from Swiss private customers, leading mobile network operators, renowned retail and online dealers, industry-leading companies as well as trustworthy partners. 
The purchased mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, smartwatches and headphones, among others, are professionally checked, cleaned and refurbished and, if necessary, reconditioned by original parts and certified technicians. All personal data of the previous owner is deleted using special software before resale.
The devices are sold without sim lock and with a 14-day return policy and a minimum 12-month guarantee.

How is the description of the condition to be understood?
Here you will find the definitions and examples.

What accessories do I get upon buying a device?
The scope of delivery of our offered devices can vary and is listed on our website for each item. All Apple and Samsung devices are original accessories from the manufacturer. For other brands, you will receive original or 100% compatible accessories from a third-party manufacturer.

When is my purchased article shipped?
All devices are in stock. These are shipped via A-Post as soon as your payment has been received in our account. You will therefore receive our package on the next working day. No parcels are delivered by the post office on the weekend.

Can my order also be sent by registered mail?
Yes, shipping by registered mail is not a problem. Please contact us via e-mail or phone or simply add CHF 2 to the invoice amount.

How can I pay my invoice of
You will get the invoice with reference number via e-mail. You can pay it via e-banking, PayPal or at the post office counter. If you prefer to make the transfer at the post office counter, please add CHF 5.00 to the invoice amount.

What does the guarantee service of include?
The guarantee is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless specified otherwise. It covers material and installation faults, but not self-inflicted damage. Damage caused by falling or liquids is excluded from the guarantee. You can read the exact conditions in the AGB of the shop.

What do I do with a purchased article that shows a defect?
Contact our customer service within the specified period to claim our warranty service. After making an appointment by telephone, you are welcome to send or bring the unit to us for inspection. If the defect is covered by the guarantee, we will take care of the repair free of charge. The device will be returned to you free of charge after repair.