There is no chance of a data misuse

The security of your data is our topmost priority. As a service partner for used electronic devices from Apple and Samsung, we know our trade. Whether smartphone, tablet or notebook: If you sell a device to us, buy it from us or want to dispose of it, it goes without saying that we delete all data from the device. And we do it free of charge, completely and permanently.

If the data memory is responding, the unit is reset and the memory is overwritten several times. This process takes around 15 minutes, and we use certified delete stations. Thanks to these, we can process up to 40 devices simultaneously. If desired, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail afterwards.

You can be sure

No device will leave our premises until the old customer data has been completely deleted. If data deletion is not possible or if the device still has an active reactivation lock/Apple ID, there is only one thing left to do: off to the shredder at Immark AG, the market leader in the recycling of electronic waste in Switzerland.