Thanks to environmentally friendly manufacturing in Germany, we have production on our doorstep. This allows us to ensure fair treatment of people and the environment.


Sustainability is the basis of all our considerations. And we have planned and implemented this in production, transport, sales, repair and disposal. so the rephone is CO2 neutral.


No trees have to be felled for our grass packaging and it can even be composted.

How an idea became reality

What started as an idea is now reality. Achim Tubbesing and Thomas Huth asked themselves: "Why isn't there actually a smartphone that is developed with a focus on sustainability, longevity and simple, inexpensive repair and is manufactured under fair conditions in Europe?" The rephone is the consistent answer to this question.

The rephone - sustainable without technical compromises

What makes the rephone special are its inner values. It is sustainable down to the smallest detail. We have proven that sustainability and technical features are not contradictory. Why do without, when you can have both - "s Füferli und s Weggli". We are convinced that the circular economy (Reduce - Reuse - Repair - Recycle) is our future. We are already trying to live this today. The rephone is a product that stands out positively from today's standard and at the same time shows what the standard for a sustainable future must look like. It is not perfect yet, we openly admit that, but we have done the best we can so far and are constantly working to improve it further.







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