mine-ex: a sensible project

In April 2018, a delegate from Rotary Switzerland visited us and presented the mine-ex foundation. This foundation has set itself the goal of helping as many victims of land mines and unexploded ordnance as possible to lead a dignified life again by providing them with prostheses and appropriate rehabilitation measures. The mutilations caused by mines and unexploded ordnance often occur during play and frequently affect children. A prosthetic leg costs CHF 150 and can change a life permanently.

The mine-ex foundation has set itself the goal of receiving at least one million Swiss francs in donations per year to cover the costs of prostheses and rehabilitation measures on site. The foundation board members work on a voluntary basis.

It was very quickly clear that we absolutely wanted to support this project.

Maybe you feel the same way we do: It was very quickly clear that we absolutely wanted to support this project.! In August, the first Rotary Clubs in Switzerland started collecting mobile devices. We determine the current market price from this after we have checked the devices. Recommerce supports this collection campaign with an additional amount of CHF 10 for each functioning smartphone. The total amount is paid to the mine-ex foundation without deduction.

Be part of this truly meaningful project and donate your equipment to mine-ex!

Do you have a mobile device, which is lying unused in your drawer? «Sell» it through our website and select the response «Yes» when you are asked «Would you like to donate your payment?». We will check the device and pay the total amount to the mine-ex foundation for the support of mine victims. Help us and contribute to the fact that children can soon laugh and play again despite their handicap!

We would be very happy, if you would also support this project so that as many children as possible can laugh and play again soon, despite their disability! If you have any questions about this topic, you can contact us by mail.

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