There are a large number of different devices that can make working in the home office easier. In addition to desks and office chairs, there are some must-haves for working from home.

The big advantage is that these devices are portable and have, for example, keyboard, mouse and webcam already integrated. 

Recommended products: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 (Yoga) , MacBook or iMac

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For good accessibility via voice or video calls, a mobile device with a large screen makes also sense. A device with a SIM can also serve as a WLAN hotspot.

Recommended products: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPad or Android tablet

A headphone and microphone in one has many advantages. Besides listening to music at work, conversations on the PC can be held more pleasantly and "without echo". With a Bluetooth headset, you also have your hands free and can stand up and move away from the screen.

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