02.10.2021 Refurbishing: A second life for old hardware

Hardware that is no longer used often leads a shadowy existence in drawers, cellars or warehouses. Yet it could often be recycled. Companies specialising in refurbishing have made a lucrative business out of reconditioning old equipment.

18.10.2019 Die Oyssee mit dem Kundendienst

In dieser Sendung durften wir den Journalisten von «Patti Chiari» demonstrieren, wie bei uns ein Smartphone wiederaufbereitet wird.

17.10.2019 Wiederaufbereitete Smartphones helfen Minenopfern

Mit Zuger Hilfe sammelt die Stiftung Mine-ex Spenden für Verletzte durch Personenminen.

06.06.2019 Das sind die beliebtesten Schweizer Start-ups

Where the quality is right and working is a pleasure

On the outskirts of Zug, not far from the Zug-West motorway junction and the Zugerland shopping centre, stands the prestigious Prisma office building operated by Alfred Müller AG. Recommerce AG has been a tenant since 1 April 2015. CEO Peter Oertlin is proud of his company, which buys and sells mobile phones and tablets via the online platform verkaufen.ch and is slowly growing out of its start-up shoes. What does this change mean and what are his ties with Alfred Müller AG?