Repairs are a matter of trust

Can you imagine life without a mobile device? Every day, we rely on our private and professional information being available at all times. If a device crash or other defect prevents us from accessing our mobile companion, we depend on fast and expert help. Our team of dedicated employees and competent technicians as well as the highest security standards guarantee a smooth process - and your satisfaction, because you know that your data is in trustworthy hands.

Official Service Partner of Apple

Since 2016, we have been Apple's official service partner and carry out all repairs within and outside the warranty period. This service agreement not only obliges us to obtain all required spare parts directly from Apple. It also requires our technicians to keep up to date with Apple training. To do this, we have all the technical information you need to ensure the best possible service.

Thanks to our certification, the warranty period of your device remains intact. In the case of repairs after the dealer's warranty has expired, we provide a three-month warranty on our work and on replaced parts.

Facts speak louder than words

Unsere langjährigen Partnerschaften mit Apple, Samsung und Sunrise bauen auf Respekt und Vertrauen. Recommerce befolgt nicht nur die vereinbarten Richtlinien bei Reparaturen, sondern auch bezüglich Datenschutzes und Datensicherheit.

Today, more than 10 certified technicians repair around 2,500 Apple devices per month. The fact that customers are satisfied with our services is also shown by the Google rating of 4.7 out of 5 possible points.

Repair of Apple MacBooks

Owing to the wide range of variants and complexity of the products, a complete check is first carried out on MacBooks using diagnostic software from Apple. Depending upon the results, customers receive a cost estimate for chargeable repairs. If this is accepted, we order the necessary spare parts, which usually arrive within 2 to 3 days.

Repair of other Apple products

For all other products, a 1:1 exchange is carried out with a new or as good as new replacement unit. We order replacement units after diagnosis, which usually arrive after two to three working days.

You can find the detailed repair prices on our website: Apple iPad, Apple Watch und Apple Airpods.

Repair options

You can conveniently send in defective devices by post.